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Flame Retardant clothes from a manufacturer
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EN ISO 15025

EN 15025:2002 Test method - Limited flame spread

TEST METHOD: limited flame spread of materials for use in garments which protect against heat and flames.

This test measures the limited spread of flames of vertically oriented textile fabrics (one or several layers), when subjected to a small defined flame.
A defined flame from a specified burner is applied for 10 seconds to the surface or to the bottom edge.
For the flame, propane is preferred. The standard describes the burner in detail.


ISO 15025
§ 8 describes two procedures:

 8.1.2 Procedure A: surface ignition

  • Position the burner perpendicular to the surface of the test fabric
  • Align the axis of the burner 20mm above the line of the lower pins
  • Adjust the horizontal reach of the flame to 25 mm
  • Test six specimens of fabric.

 8.1.3 Procedure B: bottom edge ignition.

  • Position the burner below the test specimen
  • Inclined upwards with a 30° angle
  • Adjust the flame height to 40 mm
  • Test six specimens of fabric

After the 10 seconds ignition, the lab notes:

  1. whether the flame reaches any edge of the test fabric
  2. the afterflame time
  3. whether afterglow spreads into the undamaged area
  4. the afterglow time
  5. the occurrence of debris
  6. whether a hole develops

Protective clothing. Protection against heat and flame. Method of test for limited flame spread.
Flammability Test (BS EN ISO 11612:2008 Protective Clothing – Clothing to protect against heat and flame – Limited Flame Spread - Code Letter A1) (EN531): The apparatus and method of testing were those described in BS EN ISO 15025:2002, using a 40mm high Propane gas flame for 10-second flame application time. All materials or material assemblies shall be tested both and after being subjected to the appropriate cleansing.


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